Paranormal Farm Game

Paranormal Farm Paranormal Farm. Halloween is the holiday that is always related to some strange things happening. By definition it is a celebration dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed. Those events are related to ghosts and so but usually the happenings can be explained rationally. However, in the following game we will be witnesses of something that happens on one farm…

Lori and Adam are detectives for paranormal activities. They even have their own show in which people report about witnessing paranormal activities. It is the same with today’s case. Namely, the owner of the farm reports a paranormal activity that happened on his farm few days before Halloween. Actually this activity happens three years in a row. Few days before Halloween, traditional pumpkins Jack o Lanterns appear all around the farm! For someone this could seem as an interesting happening but we have to admit that it could be rather scary, Jack o Lanterns popping up all around!

That’s why the two detectives have arrived on the farm and they are ready to start the investigation and find out once for all who stands behind these strange happenings. Is it about a paranormal activity or perhaps someone likes to scare the owner of the farm by some reason?! It is time to start the search and take part in this interesting adventure together with Lori and Adam. We could definitely learn something interesting from this unusual situation.

Paranormal Farm is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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