Order of the full Moon Game

Order of the full Moon Order of the full Moon. There are many explanations of the full moon. We know that it is a natural phenomenon, something that happens every 29 days. It is about the lunar phase that happens when the Moon is completely illuminated as seen from the Earth but on the other hand, most of the explanations bring one more dimension. People often related it to jealousy, saying that usually women are more jealous when it’s full moon; the legends about the werewolves that appear on full moon are also well known. Full moons are by tradition related with temporal insomnia, insanity (therefore the terms lunacy and lunatic) and a variety of \”magical phenomena\” for example lycanthropy.

Now, what related the full moon with today’s game?! It is about a gang known by the name Black Wolverines. They are well known by their style of operating. Actually all of their crimes in the rich suburbs were done on a full moon. The police are looking for the Black Wolverines for a longer period of time but they somehow can’t catch their trace.

Wanda and Arthur are working in the police. They got the actual case of the Black Wolverines so they are doing their best to put an end of this criminal group. However, even the best need some help when it is about a case that is so complicated and that’s why you will work together with them. You will have to search the whole terrain where they operate very precisely and find as many evidences as possible, so you could finally arrest the Black Wolverines and put an end of the criminal in this rich suburb.

Order of the full Moon is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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