Olivia Case Reopened Game

Olivia Case ReopenedOlivia Case Reopened. Murders and robberies are difficult cases for the policemen but it goes the same with missing people too. Some of those cases are left open forever and that is especially hard for the relatives of the missing person. They know that this person is not near them, but they don’t have a clue where this person is or is he/she still alive. While the police on one side is looking for clues that will lead them to the missing person, the relatives are usually investigating in their surroundings too, sometimes locating the guilt in them, maybe they were the possible cause why is this person missing, maybe he/she decided to leave everything because he/she wasn’t satisfied with live… And the tough that maybe that person is not still alive, is probably the worse…

Few years back, one teacher in a primary school has suddenly disappeared. She was reported as missing but no one managed to find her. These days the case with the teacher is reopened because of some evidences, actually her personal stuff, that was found in a small cottage in the woods. It is time to start the case all over, and once again search for all the evidences that that could lead to the teacher or simply solve the case. Since your detective job is quite complicated, we won’t bother you with some complicated instructions for playing.

Olivia Case Reopened is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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