Night Heist Game

Night Heist Night Heist. Yes, this place was quite quiet and calm, without any troubles that could disturb the everyday life of its residences. They remember that as long as they lived there, they weren’t worried to leave their kids play on the street alone or to come back home later… But this security disappeared somehow!

Several nights in a row their houses are being robed. They will wake up in the morning and something from their or their neighbors’ house is missing. And that didn’t happen just once but it started to happen every day in a row! This happening definitely scared the residents of this district so they called the police to complain about what is going on. The police arrived at the place very soon and they started talking with the residents right away, to see exactly what is happening. After that, they started their work by entering into the first house, investigating if there were some clues that might lead to the robbers.

Now you are allowed and called as well, to take part in this police action. You could also enter the house and see what is missing. After that, you will start looking for the clues that will help solve the case and possibly find out who the robbers are. This sounds really interesting, isn’t it? So let’s start our mission for today, and end it with great successes.

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