Neighborhood Watch Game

Neighborhood Watch Neighborhood Watch. Emma and Frank were the main detectives that worked a lot in order to bring peace and order but this time the citizens are the ones that like to take the justice in their own hands and find out what is going on with their pets. One case could be a coincidence but stealing so many pets is something that enraged the whole place, including people that even don’t have pets. They are all organized with a simple aim to stop the process of stealing pets from their suburb, helping the police in their process. They work together, cooperating really well, so nothing can pass unnoticed during the investigation which is very good because they are always a threat for the criminals.

Perhaps the most responsible job they have taken so far is the neighborhood watch. Those people are so worried about their pets so they are organizing themselves to willingly work on duty, watching the whole suburb all the time. Let’s help the citizens find the one that is responsible for those terrible crimes that threaten the lives of those innocent animals and bring the peace in the place.

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