Mystery Express Game

Mystery Express Mystery Express. The game we are offering you for today will bring you back to the Hercule Poirot movies. The legendary character of the master of the criminalistics literature, Agatha Christy, will be long remembered by generations. His charming looks and nimbleness, recognizable mustaches have been noticed in more or less 33 novels and more than 50 short stories. British actor David Suchet will stay remembered as this intelligent detective that didn’t leave a single mysterious case unsolved. Poirot mysteries very often were situated in a train, just like the circumstances you will find in our new challenge for you for today. Turn your investigative mind and temper, put yourself into the shoes of our new Hercule Poirot, this time called only detective Peter. You will find it interesting to walk through this mystery and maybe find the conclusion.

Mystery Express. So, what’s the story? A missing person has been declared in the midnights’ express. Helen, the wife of the missing Arthur, turned in that her husband is been missing, because she hadn’t seen him whole day long. She had been looking for him in the whole train, but nor a trace or a voice from her hubby could be seen or heard. Then, there he comes – detective Peter. He begins with detailed investigation in the train and starts asking the suspicious persons in the train. As the trip comes to the end, he gets closer to the guilty persons and possible kidnappers that made the trip for Helen and Arthur a real mess and actually a tragedy.

Try to find out who is the bad person that is still driving into the train and is still giving a hard time to poor Helen. Do your best to solve the mystery!

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