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Murder on the SetMurder on the Set. From time to time we are reminding you of the big movie mysteries of thriller and criminalistics stories. Just like popular books by Agatha Christy or Dan Brown maybe in the modern times, or the unmatched Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with his most famous character – Sherlock Holmes. Everyone who is more curious into these topics, we are sure asks themselves, how big fantasy and imagination a person should have to be able to enter the minds of extraordinary intelligent criminals and to turn that into an intriguing story that millions of people are going to read. Generations have grown with such kind of stories, and it is not strange at all that movie industry is very often interested in putting literature into movies. If not for something more but for those lazy boys and girls that don’t want to read, but learn the content through a movie version. If a story is perfectly written, then you couldn’t leave the book until you finish it.

Murder on the Set. Our today’s game is just like those genres movie in movie. That is to say, detective Martin is on a very strange task. A movie studio has hired him, and not to be an actor and play himself in a movie. The reason for that is the death of their main actor. He has been found dead in his wardrobe during the days when the famous director has shot this long expected movie. Martin is suspecting a member of the movie crew, because the murder has happened the same way that is written in the movie scenario that they were actually shooting.

But, still, he doesn’t have the whole picture and he is not 100 percent sure what has happened. Would you like to be a detective and do your best to help other people’s lives? That could turn into a great mission, don’t you think? And, you will enjoy solving a new mystery.