Moments of Silence Game

Moments of Silence Moments of Silence. When one is rich and very successful, very often he is target for criminal minds and kidnappers who want to make money out of him/her and be rich in three hours. It is not easy to be a rich man, as well, isn’t it? And though it seems very often that that is happening only in some thriller Hollywood movie’ scenario which you can assume easily. But, it happens in life, as well. That disturbs the close family members who are frightened from those anonymous calls in the middle of the night, that will tell you how much money and where to bring them, so you would have your sweetheart back.

Moments of Silence. In today’s game we bring you some thriller. David is owner of restaurant chain in Boston. He is very rich and successful businessman everyone would envy. But, his family has been worried because for three days their 27-years old sun has been missing and no one has an idea where he could be. But, then, one hour ago, an unknown voice called David’s wife Jasmine, telling her that he has been kidnapped and looks for huge amount of money for ransom. The anonymous man gave only three hours to collect the money. She is terrified and called the police to explain the case. The police began the investigation and they have to find out who is the kidnapper and, more important, where is his husband. Our player has the role of a detective and works with his team of experts.

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