Midwest Murder Game

Midwest Murder Midwest Murder. Midwest is a very interesting region in the north central United States that includes 12 states, you probably know that. Chicago is the largest city in the American Midwest and actually the third most populous city in the entire country. It is interesting that there could be still found Indian tribes, the plains Indians that are making the culture of this region even richer.

Agriculture is one of the biggest drivers of local economies in the Midwest, because of the area that has some of the richest farming land in the world, known for its corn and cattle. In 2012, Missouri was 9th all over the country for cotton production and 4th in rice while Burley tobacco is cultivated and ‘air cured’ along the central and western Missouri River… Those are all amusing and useful facts about this region, but there is also one unpleasant thing that has happen last day in the ranch of the great landlord Trevor – Mr. Trevor’s gardener is found dead In the back of the house. This happening shook the whole region and everyone is asking what has happened. The police are already at the ranch and it is investigating the case, but they still can’t know for sure if it was an accident or a murder.

It is quite sure that the police knows their job best but sometimes they really need some help in detecting the clues and collecting some evidences so they would be really glad if you take part in the case and explore the whole place.

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