Midnight in London

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Game Details

Midnight in LondonMidnight in London. Detective Frank is a person that really enjoys his job. He has seen numerous crimes during his career and his biggest challenge is to take care of them. With his great persistency and professionalism, Frank doesn’t leave anything to chance and he has solved most of the cases he got, almost all of them. This night detective Frank is called at midnight because of a crime that has happen in the house of the millionaire Henry. This house is located in the old part of the city of London, where the body of certain Terry, Henry’s longtime business partner and friend, was found.

Detective Frank arrived at the crime scene right away and since the possible murder happen in Henry’s house, the rich man is the first suspect in the case. And things would be much easier if Henry was at the house or at least in somewhere in the city, so the investigation could start right away but the things are much more complicated because Henry was actually on a business trip so and at the moment of the crime he was on his way back home, it was not possible to get in his home so fast. That complicated things because that way the rich man could not have killed his rich partner.

The case actually starts from a closed point. It doesn’t seem that there is any trace of the killer, not any available evidence but more thorough investigation could clear the things up and point out the possible killer.