Lost in the City Game

Lost in the City Lost in the City. Having a pet is such a nice thing. Some information says that pet owners are usually very caring people since they have decided to give all their love and attention to an animal. It may seem that it is easy; it’s usually about a dog or cat, and many people think that those animals don’t ask much but it is actually like you are taking care for one more friend. Maybe it can’t answer to your questions but it will definitely answer you giving its love and affection, sometimes being even more dedicated than humans.

That’s why people are so sad when they lose their pet somehow, describing that lost as a lost of a dearest friend. Mark also had a small puppy and he was spending his days with this incredibly cute creature, taking care of it since it was just a baby.

Unfortunately, few days ago, Mark has lost his little puppy. He was looking for his dog near the house day and night, hoping that he will find it while it’s still near but there wasn’t even a trace! Mark was terrified and worried because it could be very dangerous for a small dog to be lost in a huge city so he is looking for some help from you. Look for the details, try to spot every possible trace and help Mark find his beloved pet because it becomes too late and someone else finds it.

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