London Calling Game

London Calling London Calling. Bernard is a policeman working in London. He likes his job very much and he is always on the right place, making sure everything is all right. He actually keeps under control one of the suburbs in London. And it seemed that everything is alright there, no crime, no troubles… However. One day Bernard has suddenly discovered something that lies beneath the surface. A relationship between the telephone cabins in London and the London mafia. OK, it may not sound that logical but yes, you heard well. However, let’s not take it literary.

His discover was that the mafia actually communicates using those telephone cabins and that’s how they manage not to be followed by the police. A private telephone could be easily followed. But those cabins are public and it is very hard to follow them assuming that numerous people enter there every day.

And add to that using certain codes while communicating, you get a perfect contact line for criminals. Since Bernard is always on the streets, he really has insight of everything so he is quite sure that he is one right trace. Before he knows everything for sure and before he tells anything to the authorities, he decides to make the investigation on his own.

London Calling is a free online hidden clues game on hidden4fun.

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