Law of the West Game

Law of the West Law of the West. Meet Jim. This man is a bounty hunter. He is a person whose dedication is capturing fugitives and criminals in place of a monetary reward, also known as bounty. That would be some kind of a ‘freelance’ officer. He does his job but he is not under someone’s jurisdiction. He works alone and he is payed for his job. Jim has been doing this for many years and his experience has made him a real professional. He has caught numerous criminals so far and at the moment he is on one of his biggest missions.

This time Jim, the bounty hunter, is chasing after a criminal that is on the run. Actually he is chasing after the most wanted criminal at the moment, identified by the nickname ‘Alligator Man’. He is the person that has numerous crimes behind and so far, the police could not do anything to him. However, supposedly this man attacked the city’s Post Office in a small neighboring city, two days ago. Jim is visiting this city at the moment. He is exploring the city and searching for some evidences that can lead to capturing the great criminal.

Let’s help Jim in his mission, even though it seems that he is doing his job just fine. Look for the evidences and catch the criminal as soon as you can.

Law of the West is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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