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Last HideoutLast Hideout. The dream of every urban person that lives in the big cities or even towns is to have peaceful everyday life, with less criminal and more entertaining life. When one lives in such a place, is not used to have bad time or some actions that gangs and bad people do to get to more money, pleasure or influence.

And than the peace is the wanted thing, and we get to the point that we don’t notice how much we enjoy our everyday life, until some creepy thing happens to us – someone entered our homes, took valuable things from us, more valuable in the terms of memories than material value. Than we start to lock the door we are not used to, we worry about the closest people, our children, family and what if someone does something bad to them? Than we would be upset, disappointed and scared, off course.

The peace has been something very important and inevitable for the people that live in the small town. They lived very well together, with the habitude of having very amicable neighborhood life. But, that ended when one day the so called Crimson Snakes gang started to operate in their town. It was not only in their town, but almost the whole country as well.

The rumors began bursting that that was one of the most wanted gangs in the country and that it gave very bad time to the police. Due to the help of their spies, the policemen get information that the gang is hidden in the abandoned high school in the town. Grace and Billy are detectives who are confronted with this task to arrest the notorious gang. Together with their teams they arrive in the abandoned school and the investigation is about to begin. Put yourself in the shoes of the detectives and catch these bad people.

Last Hideout is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.