Inside Job Game

Inside Job Inside Job. There has been an unusual robbery in one of the bigger banks in the city. It is about a well secured bank, actually one of the best secured banks. But somehow someone has managed to steal a huge amount of money, but the alarm system didn’t activate at all. The robbers had a whole night to operate without being interrupted by anyone in opening the main safe in the bank, where the most of the money are stored. When we explain the situation like this. It really seems that the people who took part in this robbery were people who work in the bank. And know how the things work there. That could be an explanation why the alarm system didn’t activate, giving the robbers so much time to do their job.

However, we could only assume what is behind this situation and this strange robbery. While the authorities are the ones that will get into trace. And try to find the persons responsible for the unpleasant event. The policemen Donna and Stuart are at the place of the crime scene in this moment. And they are starting their investigation. They should collect all the evidences, relate them in some logical order and try to figure things out, detecting who is responsible for the robbery.

Inside Job is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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