Infection Game

Infection Infection. It was a terrible tragedy that happened to the Johnson’s family, really terrible! Not just figuratively but literary a really big tragedy. It was one month ago when the whole family was found dead in their family house. It seem like they all fell asleep at first but no one breath, it was sure that they are all dead. And at the crime scene there weren’t enough evidences to figure out what has happened. Some of the authorities believe that it was about a family fight that ended up in this way, but their close relatives don’t believe in that and they think that it is about a planned murder. They can’t guess who could be so mad at this family, to murder them all but someone did it!

The private detective Nick is at the crime scene and at the moment he is looking for some evidences that could lead him to something that would be important for the case. It is his duty to solve the mystery about this huge tragedy and find the reason why this has happened to the Johnson’s but it sure looks that Nick would need a little help from you because those evidences seem as they don’t exist or maybe someone has hidden them so well.

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