Haunted London Game

Haunted London Haunted London. Paranormal activities are strange by their own. After so many years of existence of the mankind. No one didn’t manage to reveal what is actually hiding behind those situations. How are those things possible if the common sense simply can’t explain them. Is it about some great brain that directs the events or maybe some aliens are responsible for that… And usually every paranormal happening is surrounded by a huge mystery. Each time opening new and new situation. But there is something even more strange than those paranormal happenings, the paranormal criminal cases.

Police and detectives deal with regular criminals everyday but when the criminal is not a person. At least a person similar to us. Then they feel helpless and usually don’t know how to react and where to start. But that’s why there are people like Dimitri…

Dimitri is a detective with a special background and experience. But he is not just a regular detective. His experience is in the field of the paranormal criminal cases. Because there are not many people like Dimitri. He is known and he has worked all over the world. Finishing even the hardest cases with greatest successes. This time Dimitri is sent to England or more precisely to London. The police of London didn’t know what to do with the case. It was something completely new and unexplainable for them. But maybe Dimitri will get to the bottom of the mystery. Let’s take a closer look to Dimitri’s work and learn something new about paranormal criminal cases.

Haunted London is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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