Gloomy Suburb Game

Gloomy Suburb Gloomy Suburb. Life in suburbs is quiet and peaceful, full with friendships, parties, organizing feasts where adults and children have fun. And criminal very often is an unknown term for such places. So, when that happens, it can be very destructive for local people. But, sometimes criminals choose to play with the happy and peaceful life of suburb people. Violence and small criminal is very common thing throughout the world and women and old people are the easiest target. That’s why, women’s consciousness of self defence and practicing different technics and skills helps them improve their safety.

Gloomy Suburb. In today’s game you are going to face with a very smart criminal – who is weak on women at the age of 45 to 55. For two years, women of Village of Endicott in the New York State fear for their lives. An unidentified man sows fear in their lives. A lot of police officers tried to catch the man, but no one could succeed. That’s why the Federal Bureau of Investigation turned its attention on finding an international person, who could help in their investigation. They found Bernard Lumier in the Nice Police in France, who works as chief detective.

He had resolved hundreds of cases connected to violence. Bernard accepted the invitation to defeat the trespasser. The first thing he analyzed was the age of the victims and asked himself why the maniac isn’t attacking younger women. That led him to the answer that the criminal might be very strongly influenced by his mother, but in a bad way. As you are the detective today, try to find out if you are at the right trace this time.

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