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Gloomy StreetsGloomy Streets. It is very easy to break the peace in a small and calm place. It takes some stranger, some bad force, some criminal mind to decide something and to ruin the quiet life of a lot of families. And those acts can have tremendous influence on local people, especially on children. Drugs are the twentieth and twenty first century still one of the biggest evil the human kind can imagine. Beside all the new and modern disease that were artificially created just to kill people, drugs are unfortunately, one of the most stable criminality appearance that only changes form, and not it’s point.

And, imagine how many generations have been ruined due to the easy bet they are? Young people go on loud places, where the dеаlers are reining and they can promise them miracles, just for them to try. And than, once they enter the circle, there is almost no way out. And then, the problems begin, not only for the young boy or a girl, but for their parents, siblings (if they have any).

Gloomy Streets. Julie and Gary are two very capable detectives who work on the narcotics department. The inhabitants of a small poor suburb started to declare that few evenings an unknown face sneaks around their children and threatens them and forces them to sell drugs. You, our dear player, today you are going to be an inspector that collaborates with detectives. His job is together with other inspectors and detectives to investigate this suburb it’s small and narrow streets to find out who is the bad criminal that forces their children to sell drugs. So, put your self in an adventurer mood, think the way this kind of a criminal would think and help these despеrate parents return the peace in their homes and neighborhood.