Framed Game

Framed Framed. It is time for a real thriller! This game offers us incredibly interesting story but at the same time a story that gives us chills, that makes us wish we weren’t on Timothy’s place… Timothy is a quiet man. There aren’t any bigger excitements in his life, only regular things. He likes his work very much and he works a lot. Actually his life doesn’t offer something more than that…but however, that was two weeks ago! Now things are completely changed. One day, in the company where Timothy works, has disappeared a lot of money. And believe it or not, Timothy is the main suspect for the case.

Actually his colleagues have convicted him, there were even his fingerprints at the place of the crime scene. Timothy becomes aware that his colleagues are actually responsible for this farce, that they are also responsible for those false traces but since everything points at him including the fingerprints on his boss’s safe deposit box, he decides that his only solution would be an escape! This is first time Timothy to face something that big and exciting, but he finds a strength in himself and decides that it is time take the things in his hands.

After two weeks Timothy comes back in his apartment. Now the police and the detectives are not that focused on his apartment which means that he could freely look for some evidences that could prove that he was actually alone at home at the time when this huge robbery happened. Let’s work together and help Timothy put an end to this case that is threatening his freedom.

Framed is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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