Echoes of Prehistory

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Echoes of PrehistoryEchoes of Prehistory. Paranormality is something millions of people believe in. Sometimes it is a way of explaining things we don’t understand. Otherwise, we believe in spirits, in deja vu situations, or maybe we believe that when a black cat crosses our way, it brings some bad news. There are people that actually work that, and paranormality is their profession. There are those who are called mediums. Who can read other people’s mind, can see clearly what will happen, before it happens. We face with paranormality in our new game. It is going to be fun, we assure you that.

Weird things happen in the Museum of natural history in the capital. The guards declare that they hear very strange sounds and a lot of objects from the Museum are removed, or have changed their place. All of this happens during the working hours and certainly, in a meantime but who could know. The detective that is researching paranormal activities and is famous in the whole country, and her name is Connie, starts the investigation. Her diagnose is as the workers’ suspicion, that that actually is some ghost.

The best detective in paranormal activities is trying to make the contact with the ghost. And to find out the connection between him or her and the Museum. It might be the spirit of some worker that has worked a lot of years here, or maybe some frustrated director that had lost his function after a great scandal appeared, connected with his name and work. May be some visitor’s ghost, as well, but you are suppose to find out. It won’t be easy, but it is worth trying, isn’t it? Even if you don’t believe in these things, relax and imagine you are this brave lady Connie and fight the ghost that gives hard time to the museum workers.

Echoes of Prehistory is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.