East Street Investigation Game

East Street Investigation East Street Investigation. Police officer put into corruption games? Is that something you hear rarely? It is not, not in movies, and not in reality. Maybe, the issues they are dealing with, are very fragile and it is very difficult for someone to stay the clean person when big interests appear. How many times you tell yourself that it is not possible that some scenario is only a movie. In today’s game we give you some thriller.

East Street Investigation. Paul is an officer, and Hanks is a detective and the both have the task to investigate a case connected to their colleague that is dealing with corruption. As the time goes by, they understand that their ex colleagues were involved into this. You don’t have to be an investigator or some scientist to smell the situation and to know that there is some problem in the Delvaro City police department. The chief Bronson has big suspects that in years the corruption stinks in his department, but has never been discovered. But, there was no more running and some severe measures should have been done before a big scandal would appear.

Bronson started the investigation wanting to find the filthy policemen, but he needed evidence first, before accusing them. He gave a task to officer Paul and detective Hanks, the two persons he trusts the most in his department. They have been awarded with medals of honor for the good work they do in years. Their noses took them into the house of former police officer Gibson. He was suspicious because he left job very suddenly and without good reason. Find out if the documents they took picture of are going to be enough to accuse Gibson of corruption.

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