Double Cross Game

Double Cross Double Cross. Even though many people think that being a police officer is not a profession for a woman, facts show that it’s not like that at all. We all know that there are numerous police officers – women and many of them are really good in what they are doing, even better than men. That is because women also have talent for investigating, are able to notice details, but they like exercising as well which makes them strong as men. Norma for example is a woman officer who has worked on many cases during her career and she has solved them with a great successes. That’s why the authorities give her harder cases, they believe in her and know that she will do everything highly professional.

Today’s case is actually full of mystery and parts that are hard to be explained. Namely, there is a group of workers that works on building a building in the center of the city. Unfortunately they had an accident. One of their colleagues falls down from a great height and now his life is in danger.

Norma is at the crime scene at the moment and she starts the investigation right away. According to the statements of the workers, it’s been an accident but Norma’s professional experience tells her that it should be investigated little bit more before we could give certain conclusion. It might be an accident but it could also be something else. Let’s work with Norma and see what’s going on with the workers there.

Double Cross is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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