Devil in Disguise Game

Devil-in-Disguise Devil in Disguise. Some statistics say that when there is a murder, the first suspect is actually the husband or the wife of the dead and usually those suspicions are true… Missis Morgan went this weekend in a luxury spa center, together with her husband. As a matter of fact, it was a surprise arranged by her husband. For a longer period of time, they haven’t been somewhere together and he decided to take her exactly in this place.

But we may say that the weekend hasn’t even started in the right sense when there was an attempt for murder of Mrs. Wilson. This poor lady was so scared and terrified and she could not imagine how could that happen? Why someone would like to kill an innocent woman, just like that?!

Detective Jenny is working on this case and at this moment Mrs. Wilson is explaining her how this attempt for murder happened. This is a first case of criminal from this type that has happen in spa center so detective Jenny has hands full of work. She has to explore every inch of the spa center, every room, in order to collect some evidences and the fact that those places will actually be swimming pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, or rooms for massage, will make this search even harder. Detective Jenny knows her work well and we know that she will manage to deal the case but the results might surprise all of them, especially Mrs. Wilson…

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