Dawn of Crime Game

Dawn of CrimeDawn of Crime. Each inspector and a good policeman must have spies, emissaries that would help him get the criminals easier. Because those ‘collaborators’ usually come from their rows. You need to know the criminal minds very well. So you would know what is the best way to enter their track. And those friendships with ex or actual criminals need to be nourished so the both sides will satisfied. Criminals spies usually get reduced penalties or better conditions in serving the actual penalties in prison. Inspectors and detectives must have insiders and must create a good relationship with them, because, otherwise, they can’t be so good in their job.

And, when someone decides to play with the law. Including, for example, making false documents, then, he (she) needs to be the most professional possible, so the catching won’t be an easy thing. But, people in great need, like illegal migration, organized crime and age fabrication are putting themselves into such projects, for the bigger purpose they have in mind. Some of them turn lucky and never get caught, unlike those that aren’t so lucky.

Dawn of Crime. Police is looking for a well organized gang that makes false passports that later on she sells to the criminals. The detective Amy gets this information from confidential sources. That claim that the gang can be found exactly next to this small seaside town. Amy starts the chase. She looks all over the town, in public places, banks, stores, public parks, talks to a lot of people, starting from administration officials in the local police, from accidental passerby. She has also found people that had already been victims of false passport criminal. Amy is very smart inspector, she has had a lot of big missions in discovering criminals from all sorts, but financial criminals are her speciality.

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