Dark Deal Game

Dark Deal Dark Deal. Eva is detective that has received a very delicate case. Her ex partner in the post office has been suspended from their chief. Because he took part in criminal actions together with the local mobster Rodrigo. Eva will have to cross over all the barriers that are in her head and to forget the nice days they had together working for fifteen years. So she could finish her work professionally. She arrives in Rodrigo’s house and starts to research it, looking for possible evidences.

The game we are offering you today might seem to you as a familiar movie scenario. Where, very often, detectives work together as partners, and of them is deeply in trouble with the criminals they are chasing. Sooner or later, the other partner finds out about his friend. He or she is very surprised knowing that is having to work with someone who is not honest and should all behind and face the truth. Colleagues usually try to help the friend in trouble, by hiding him or her, believing that that is the right thing to be done. But, very often, the lives of partners is endangered and than, there is no forgiveness. So, today we are offering you a bit of criminal story full of moral decisions and barriers. Put your self in a good role and don’t forget to have fun!

Dark Deal is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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