Crooked Town Game

Crooked Town Crooked Town. OK, those things happen sometimes. The power is always sweet so some people take advantage from it and do everything they can in order to direct the happenings in their own way, as it would be OK for them. Unfortunately sometimes it is about total governments that are working dirty, persons on very high positions that use their position in order to gain some more money or benefits from anyone they can.

Budmildwill is a city in the central area of the country. It is a place that is completely under the influence of this government that is not working right. Many people on high positions export bribes from the ordinary citizens and it seems that this is their habit for a longer period of time, the whole city works on this principle. That’s why detective Klark was sent on a mission in Budmildwill. According to the information that he got from the Bureau of Intelligence, the greatest percent of corruption is focused exactly in this city.

The detective should do everything he could to discover the way how those relations work and stop this bad habit that rules the place under the government’s guidance. The regular citizens should live and fair and democratic city and state so the fight against the criminal and corruption of the high authorities should start right away. Detective Klark is very experienced in this field so we hope that he will bring justice in this city that was a very nice place for living few years ago. It would be nice if we could take part in this story too, and see how could it be solved.

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