City Crime Game

City Crime City Crime. Ok, we can’t say New York is a safe city. It general it might be but regarding the fact that there are 8,491,079 citizens in this city, the chances that there are many, many criminals are really big. Plus, this cosmopolitan city gathers people from all around the world, and no one could know if those people will bring progress in the city or just harm. We don’t say that there is something wrong in cosmopolitanism, just that we have to be really careful if we live in NY.

The New York PD agrees that we have to be careful because every day they face different criminals. Shirley and David for example, our main characters in today’s game, are two of the police officers employed in the criminal section in the police of New York. Every night they face crime but this time it is about the New York suburb which is a very dangerous place to be at night. This night Shirley and David are called by few owners of the local shops with complains that their shops have been robbed.

Shirley and David are aware how things work in these neighborhoods, who are the main criminals there, so this time they suspect in a local gang that operates this region. It is time the investigation to start, so let’s see who is responsible for the criminals in the New York suburb.

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