Bourbon Street Crime Game

Bourbon Street Crime Bourbon Street Crime. People usually choose small towns and villages to live peaceful lives, without too much city noise and terrible traffic mess. In a small town you are a walker, you don’t go around by car. Because in half an hour you can pass the whole town from one way to another. Usually, small towns are preferable because one gets to know most of the people in the town and whatever you want to finish as a work, as an obligation or if you need help, you can get it very easily. Off course, it depends on the mentality of the local people, whether they are friendly and caring and willing to help each other, or selfish, mind their own business and don’t bother about anything and anyone at all.

But, when something tries to destroy what other has created, especially when one wants to put bad mark on the peace in a town, than it is very normal for the inhabitants to become nervous, unhappy and to panic for the safety of the their children and families. Few criminal minds will bring some silly decision to make easy money overnight, start burgling, frighten people, and scare to death, even so. Usually small touristic places are interesting for foreign tourists that come from all over the world. Such towns are nice to be seen because of the quiet and rare story they sell. They usually have good food, nice environment and that is enough for a tourist.

Old town Wildenburg has been a quiet touristic place until the Black Hand gang didn’t move in the town. And now, they need to call the police to help them out. The police must explore their crimes, to find proves and to put them behind the bars. The gang found its place on ‘Bourbon Street’.

Bourbon Street Crime is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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