Black Bridge Breakout Game

Black Bridge Breakout Black Bridge Breakout Game: Prison breakout is something that doesn’t happen often, or at least not in the Black Bridge. That is a rather secured prison where work only professionals, only well trained policeman and stuff that does the work really good. But there is a first time for everything… The young detective Henry was called by the management of the prison Black Bridge and he is there at the moment. The reason for that was the escape of one of the prisoners who has managed to leave the prison without being noticed.

As a matter of fact, this is the first time when a prisoner succeeds to escape from this prison. That’s why everyone is concerned about the whole situation. The people from the prison have called Henry immediately because they wanted to catch the criminal. And bring him back behind the bars as soon as possible. Henry starts the investigation once he gets there and he likes to find out how the prisoner escaped, what did he used, who did consult. He suspects that some of the people who work in the prison helped him. Only that way he could explain the possibility of the escape, having in mind that the whole prison is secured really good.

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