Beneath the Streets Game

Beneath the Streets Beneath the Streets. Meet Hector and Martha. Those two are detectives with great careers. They have worked very hard to get here and solved many hard cases, but it seems that the current case is one of the hardest cases they have ever had. The situation is quite serious and besides those two, there is a whole team of professionals that are send to solve the case. Professionals, forensic scientists, analysts, other detectives, they work together on this case and believe it or not, you will have the chance to sneak into detective work, working as one of those professionals.

Going back to the actual case. It is about an alert that some secret organization is planning a terrorist attack on the city metro. As we said before, this is one of the most serious but also one of the most challenging cases for Hector and Martha which means that they should be really careful in what they do.

First thing they do is evacuation of the metro station. After they done this important step, it is time for exploring the whole location. Their aim is finding as many evidences as possible but also they would like to find out the name of the organization that stands behind this terrible attack. Since you are part of the team, try to solve the case as fast as you can and prove yourself as a real professional.

Beneath the Streets is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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