Bedlam Story

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Bedlam StoryBedlam Story. One more interesting case that waits to be solved. This time we will take a journalist role in order to solve another mystery, this time about the famous Bedlam mental hospital. People end up in mental hospitals, that’s something that happens. Even though is not wanted, and those places help them go throw some kinds of mental states. About the mentioned hospital, it was believed that it is just a regular hospital until this world famous journalist got some strange clues about the patients there. She has figured out that during the last century the greatest part of the patients in Bedlam suffered from melancholia. It is about this condition where the patient feels great sadness, his emotions are changing very fast and particular mood follows his actions, changing his behavior.

This may sound like a mental state that is not so unfamiliar, people feel melancholic from time to time. And in some people there is a chance the condition to go out of some regular limits. But what captures the attention to our journalist most, is the treatment that the patients get while they are cured in this hospital. She noticed that there are some strange methods used for that, and the conditions are quite unusual too… Is there someone playing with those people, wanting to experiment on them all kinds of stuff? This is what motivated our journalist to start an investigation and see what is hiding in this hospital and its unusual methods for treatment.

Bedlam Story is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.