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Airport Emergency Airport Emergency. Small criminals rob stores, markets, gas stations, but criminals with big style are more interested in banks. They must have extra plan and be super intelligent not to make stupid mistakes and to be easily caught. Though films show us very often that it is rarely that someone would not make a mistake that would lead policemen to catch them and the justice arrives sooner or later. We all remember movie scenes where thieves put black socks on their heads, take guns, enter a bank at daytime, while the bank is still working and while there are customers waiting on the line.

And there always is some hostage, and someone who tries to call the security or the police. Very often, these criminals get caught, especially if the theft happens in a small town and a place where everybody know each other. But, when it comes to bigger banks, than a lot of people are involved in the case. Most often, thieves have someone who works in the bank to help them, to be the insider. And when criminals want to run away somewhere, especially in other countries, than all the inspectors possible are included in the case, to safe the capital and put those criminals behind bars.

In our game for today we are offering you some action. You can be part of such an investigation. All the flights on the New York Airport are delayed. Something is happening. FBI detectives have encircled the whole airport and are looking for the thieves of big sum of money from the Central Bank. Judy and Marc are one of the most experienced detectives of FBI. They arrive on the airport, together with their teams which are consisted of experts in this field. Any evidence they can find would bring them closer to the criminals. We are talking about a lot of money that must not leave the country.

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