A Strange Dream 2 Game

A Strange Dream 2 A Strange Dream 2. Dreams, they could be really strange sometimes… Even if they are dreams and usually happen at night, they could also ruin our day because if those dreams were something unusual, we think about them although the day, sometimes even for more days… Even if we don’t believe that dreams have some particular meaning, somewhere deep in us, there is always the question what if this means something, will this come true, is it something bad or good…?!

And aside of those dreams, there are dreams that are a logical answer to something that happens us in our everyday life, a reflection of our thoughts, so it may happen for us to visit some particular place few times or dream about a situation that had happen or most probably will happen in the future… And other dreams are like labyrinth. We go somewhere and we don’t know where, we move, but we come back on the same place for many times without knowing the reason why we do that… Something similar happens to the character in this game too. Our character dreams that he is in a park and he walks through that park without knowing why he is doing that.

Everything seems that has a certain message but what is that message? The character will follow his intuition all through the 5 interesting levels of this game. Make sure that he doesn’t wander too much on his way and try to find the meaning of that strange dream, by collecting the clues that will come on his way.

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