A Place of Strangers Game

A Place of Strangers A Place of Strangers. Lately we are interested into creating games on the issue of bank robberies, just like the movies, what you think? This time we put the story in the city bank which was robbed a week before. A lot of money, jewelry and reserves of gold have been stolen. In the same time, a suspicious group of people has been kidnapped in the town. People are curious if there is a connection between the big robbery and these strangers.

Few days ago they were seen walking on the streets of the town, acting a bit strange, curious in terms of observing everything around. Whether there is a close connection between the robbery and the kidnapping of the strangers, it is up to the detective Nicole to investigate. But, even the best sometimes need help, that’s where you enter, our dear player. You need to help this smart young lady in the mission to solve this mysterious case. No one promises to be easy, but we promise that it is going to be a big fun.

Criminal minds fight among themselves, especially when they have the common interests over a goal. Imagine, two groups of gangs that are aiming to rob the same object – let’s say, a bank or some rich store. And then, if one of the groups comes first on the place, then the other one is frustrated and wants to grab the treasure the quicker gang has got. Who knows, maybe this was the story in today’s case, ah? Let’s enter Nicole smart head and discover the truth about the group of strangers, what really happened to them.

A Place of Strangers is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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